Online Dating

Of course there are many controversial subjects which can be discussed when the subject of online dating arises such as can it possibly be successful for me, could it be dangerous etc.

Of course both of these questions can be answered yes and I for one met my wife on a dating website 6 years ago and we’ve been together since, so for me as an example, everything worked out well. On the other hand of course many people have had problems after signing up to certain dating sites such as being scammed by individuals with fake profiles or the person that you meet actually being married. Overall though online dating is becoming more and more popular each day with an ever increasing number of success stories happening all the time.

Online dating is certainly no longer a taboo subject either and commonly people will openly talk about the experiences they’ve had finding a partner on the internet and admit to others about where the couple actually met without fear of embarrasment. Online dating is the fastest way possible to find out if a possible suitor is out there and more often than not you can even check out just about everything to do with your potential partner from their actual eye colout to their income level. Dating websites are here to stay, sign up for one that suits your needs and have fun doing it!

Online Dating

Questions & Answers About Online Dating

Should I consider online dating?I’m going to be 21 and attend a large university. I have quite a few mates and even though I don’t want to count them as dates, I have gone out with some men on one-time dates (maybe like 3). (And these are blokes I’m not necessarily interested in.) I just can’t seem to snag someone even though I’m told I’m attractive, smart and funny. I’m just so frustrated because even some of my friends who are a bit less social..and more awkward than myself have significant others. Even my mom mentioned online dating because I need someone more mature.

Posted by Curious
pedro28Online dating is open for single individuals looking for friendship or a romantic relationship. Since you are on the right age then you can already handle yourself with it. However, you have to be oriented about the pros and cons of online dating, and how you should handle yourself when you decided to join a dating site.You can find thousands of members in every dating site so you will never run out of possible matches. There are also numerous dating sites available. Pick some of these sites and research some information about them like reviews and feedback from their previous and current members. Do not disclose personal information in your profile like your full name and address. There are various crimes in the internet like identity theft so you must safeguard yourself always. Create an account and make your profile catchy. Sooner or later, you’ll be busy responding to different emails.

Is it wrong to try online dating?I was talking to my sister about this a couple days back and she said I shouldn’t have to “stoop” to online dating (she doesn’t know I am bi). Are people online generally desperate? I don’t know much about this but I’d like to try it because I am really shy, I’m bisexual but not out yet so it’s really hard to meet people. Should I try online dating or just forget about it? It’s getting pretty hard for me to ignore my strong desires for another girl. What should I do?

Posted by Princess Luna Was Here
pedro28Online dating is not bad, but it has a different way it all works. You basically have all these available people who want to do various things. I would say about 50% are not very honest in what they are looking for, but try to pose something to be popular to more people. In this way, they have the risk of going on a lot of dates with people they know they will not be compatible with. Of course for some, there is zero interest in capability, and just want the quick hook-up, and play all the games to seem like the serious ones.The sad truth about online dating is it makes dating more like window shopping. There are typically many guys chasing all these girls, and the best looking, most exciting, regardless how good they actually are is questionable, and this is the marketing of the person most often than not. The guys who go on more dates online tend to have short, and cocky profiles with a lot of skin pictures. There is so much out there to tell you to stay away from these guys, but women always pick them just to see if they are the ones, who just happen to look more exciting than the guys who lament about their whole boring lives, and have lame pictures to boot.

So it’s not for everyone. It can work better for shy people, and an easy way for girls to go on dates. I tested various profiles when I was doing it, and my honest profiles that my friends and family said were honest were never responded to. If I shorted them to crap, and told silly stories, I got more interest, and eventually pushed me away from online because I knew to get the girl there, I would have to not be myself.

Online Dating…?Do you think it is safe for anyone to date online?

Posted by David B
pedro28Online dating is regarded as a safe medium to meet other people. Thousands of people are meeting for the first time every day and incidents are few and far between. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.The important thing is to never let your guard down and never give out too much personal information before meeting. Always be cautious and trust your instincts.

Most importantly, use separate transportation to meet your date at a public place the first time that you meet.

Remember to apply safety across the board. Just because a guy or gal says they are a “christian” doesn’t mean you can automatically assume they are OK. There is a case in the courts now of a woman who met a man through a christian dating site and was sexually assaulted (News Article on Woman Assaulted – See Sources). Be alert always.

Interestingly enough, the greatest “danger” isn’t from meeting someone who may assault you, but rather meeting someone who is married, yet posing as a single person. Up to 30% of people using online dating services are married! (MSNBC, DateLists – see sources). There are some easy signs, however, to separate those who are married from those who are single. Most married men will only give a cell phone number and you will mostly get their answering machine. Most don’t post a photo (they don’t want someone their spouse knows seeing them and spilling the beans). Most also won’t give you their last name. (Staying Clear of Married Men – See sources).

Ultimately, though, it is a safe medium and tens of thousands of people have met their “lifelong” mate as a result.

Online Dating: Top 3 First Date Tips

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